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Stuart Shils Window Collages (Part 3)

By September 12, 2016Uncategorized

For 30 years Stuart Shils paintedĀ urban skylines and tuscan landscapes, painting outsideĀ or by looking through the window. He simpliefied the landscape into bright, vague, and subtle studies of color. Now he’s at that same window, his view turned inward, making collage, camera and light projections. They’re called Window Collages. The titles are poetic/scientific documentations:

night window the following night, 9.7.16,9:50pm

‘your cities do not exist. perhaps they have never existed’
italo calvino

night window with calvino’s cities again, 9.6.16, 9:50pm

papers, tape, projected light, glass

same window, a change in light, 5:54pm, 9.6.16

day window, 9.6.16, 5:33pm

day window, western sky, 9.5.16, 7:00 pm

night window with a glimpse of broad street in a puddle

paper, tape, projected light,9.5.16,9:45pm

night window for a new month, 9.3.16, 11:30pm

papers, tape, projected light, glass

‘not ideas about the thing, but the thing itself’
wallace stevens

window with paper and tape, early summer

night window in late august, sea birds asleep on a beach

papers, the window sill, reflected light.

night window in bleached light, the premonitions of laocoon on the beach.

papers, tape, reflected light. late august.

corner of a night window: landscape in late august after a lot of heat

papers, tape, projected light, the window

night window with paper towels and tape
7.28.16, 11:45pm


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