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Casey Klahn

By September 20, 2016Uncategorized


  • Hilaire radowick says:

    Love your landscapes
    In gig harbor, are you having any nearby workshops?

  • Jeanette Poppert says:

    Casey, I love your work because it’s like nothing I have ever seen before. This video was so well done. I like your philosophy of painting and not doing something that’s already been done. I would love to buy a book of your Artwork so I could look at it and see something new every time I look. I’m a big fan of yours, your paintings make me happy.

    • Judy King says:

      Thank you! Saw your work on FB. PSA, and loved my response to your work, every time. And to see that you also paint something and then respond to it, amazing philosophy and that you were able to give it to your viewing audience the excitement and joy that you experienced while creating your art.

  • Rita Holland says:

    You know I love your work, Casey. However, listening to your philosophy and ideas concerning your work makes me appreciate your paintings even more. Thanks for all your wonderful work.

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