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Best of Drawing A Day, Week 1

By January 9, 2017Uncategorized

A lot of people have been joining our Drawing A Day challenge. While most people prefer to keep their drawings private, a few brave and fabulous people have been posting their drawings to Facebook and Instagram, tagging them #seattleartleague and #drawingaday so we can all enjoy them. Below are few of my favorites posted by friends of the League, and the full collection of my own drawings.

Are you drawing? Send me a little note to say so! I like to know I’ve got buddies out there.

Daily Drawings by friends of the League

Daily Drawings by me, Ruthie V.

Explanation of Featured Image by Alex Walker:

Daily Drawing Challenge #7: “Well that was a dumb idea.” This is a drawing of a little piece of my home town of Alameda, CA: the Spite House. Apparently a man named Charles Froling inherited some land but had the bulk of it taken away by the city in order to build a street. In a fit of righteous indignation, he used the remaining land to build an extremely skinny house. The house – which is only about 10 feet wide – is something of a local legend, so it’s possible that it worked out OK in the end. Even so, I maintain that this was not the best use of the land or the building. The folly of the house also extended to the materials I used in the drawing, as I was sure that the paper in my oatmeal sketchbook was strong enough to handle a little ink wash without buckling. Close inspection of the results will show that this was not the case.

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