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Sarit Su Rosen’s Reflections

By January 16, 2017Uncategorized

I enjoy how this artist used a combination of graphite and ink to produce wide swathes of soft burnished textures with diffused light lines (erased), and thin liquid dark contrast. I enjoy how the compositions are studies of energy between two objects, and the surrounding spaces. The reflections are shared between the two balloons, but also on the ceiling. It’s hard to not anthropomorphize the objects. Balloon meets balloon, balloon loses balloon, balloon comes back ’cause static.

Helium drawings by Sarit Su Rosen

Rosen’s artist statement:
This triple series of “replication” drawings shows images of helium balloons. The images are a direct continuation of my interest in sight and sound, in the way the voice is changed by inhaling Helium gas and the way the air becomes balloon-shaped. In my drawings of hot-air balloons, one sees distorted reflections of the architectural surroundings. Reflectivity is a motif that runs through these drawings as I explore concepts like “reality,” “reflections of reality” and “distortions of reality.”

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