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Stuff that Patty Likes; A Ponderous Post

By February 6, 2017Uncategorized

The content below is from the Seattle Artist League’s Official Artist-Not-In-Residence, Patty Haller. We are pits deep in a series called “Stuff that Patty Likes.”  Patty’s Ponderous Post

“The paintings I’m showing in January 2017 at Smith and Vallee Gallery are my explorations of pattern, color and how to handle the complex data of forest environments. I’ve found some masters in my research. I love them all, and include these references in no particular order. Textiles, painters, architects, theorists. Many of these creators excelled across many disciplines. What a fresh idea, a confident indifference to boundaries!” – Patty Haller

Pictured above: Egon Schiele, Austrian, Landscape at Kurmau, 1916

“These images and ideas become memories I can summon whenever I want. The masters offer their various solutions to the very problems I need to solve when making my own paintings. I wonder what questions they asked themselves, what they were trying to solve. Then I can’t wait to start a new artwork with my own new questions. I’m thankful.” – Patty Haller, the League’s Official Artist-Not-In-Residence.

Detail from Patty Haller’s “Madonna of the Back 40” 2016

Patty plans perfectly patterned paintings while passively pondering Pacific Ponderosas in puzzled pandemonium. It’s pretty.

Perception piqued? Consider signing up for Patty’s weekend workshop: Pattern Landscape, Feb 11-12, 2017. Please wear pink, purple, or panda pajamas. We’ll serve pickles.


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    • Ruthie V. says:

      Thank you for this post DominosThursdayOffer. You’re absolutely right. Everyone dies, including (and with great misfortune to us all) the perfect Patty. I think she’d want us all to have a pepperoni pizza in the wake of her catholic style passing. I dare not say to anyone, I hope she dies soon. I’m hungry.

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