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The First Ever Seattle Artist League Show

By March 22, 2017Uncategorized

March 10-12, 2017: We put on our First Ever Seattle Artist League Show, featuring a huge variety of over 100 drawings and paintings by more than 50 League artists. With huge thanks to everyone involved, the show was an enormous success; a showcase of creative achievements. We are pleased and proud to see how things are taking shape. See your work here? Leave a comment!

Contributing Artists (in no order)
Chris Harvey, Alex Walker, Sarah Bixler, Deanna Baldi, Alex Ballenger, Suz Babayan, Madeline James, Paul Bauck, Chris Cantu, Evan Clarrissimeaux, Jennifer Corington, Hannah DeBerg, Rebecca Downs, Emily Eberhart, Lauren Fattal, Craig Faunce, Caleb Fleisher, Gabby Francesco, Lucy Garnett, Jana Gezon, Caren Goldenberg, Jon Hall, Rosemary Jones, Tessa Magnusson, Robin Maynard Dobbs, Leilani Norman, Berkeley Parks, Jon Patrick, Janet Price, Georgia Ragsdale, Elly Slakie, Jean Sullivan, Marina Vogman, Luis Vincencio, D. Lisa West, Marina Vogman, Kelly Woodward, Jonathan Beauty Ink, Sydney M Pertl, Megan Haigh, Emily Keeney, Jamie Singer, Helen Halpern, Siobhan Wilder, Steve Galey, Ken Maher, William Hook, Yvonne Lopez, Casey Klahn, Whiting Tennis, Patty Haller, Lendy Hensley, Ruthie V.

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