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Exquisite Corpse Drawing Challenge #3: BUGGIN’

By April 13, 2017Uncategorized

Exquisite Corpse is a collaborative, chance-based drawing game invented by the Surrealists in the mid 1920s. Traditionally, each participant draws an image on part of a sheet of paper, folds the paper to conceal their work, and passes it on to the next player for their contribution. This is a modern version, with the entries received digitally, so team members can be anywhere in the world. 

This is the 3rd and final Exquisite Corpse drawing of the series. The other 2 team drawing challenges were done in teams of 3. This challenge is different. In this challenge, the winning team will be the most people who make the longest running, most interesting bug drawing.

no limit on participants!

In this final contest, there is no limit on team members, and the winning team will be the longest running, most interesting bug drawing, with the most participating team members.

Share this e-invite with friends of any age, anywhere in the world. Follow the instructions below, and without looking at each other’s drawings, send the pics to me by Tuesday April 18 at 8:14pm. Drawings will be digitally combined, and posted to our website. The winning team will receive Seattle Artist League painting aprons!

Details below.



  1. Take a piece of white typing paper, and choose something to draw with. You can draw (or collage) with anything you want, as long as it can be transferred into black and white.
  2. Fold your paper into thirds vertically, and horizontally. The boundary of your drawing will be the red line in the picture below. Be clear with your team who draws bug head, the bug legs, wings, and body (several), and the bug butt. Do not share any other information about your drawing.

  3. The drawings are going to need a way to connect with each other. If we were sitting at the table together the sequence would pick up where the previous drawing left off, but this is all over email, so they have to stop and start at a set location. For this, fold the same paper into thirds horizontally. This gives you intersection marks on the drawing boundary lines. Your drawing can go wider than these folds, but the shape must must enter/exit vertically at the 1/3 fold marks. The bug will crawl vertically, with the head at the top, and the butt at the bottom. You can have 50 middle pieces. GET AS MANY PEOPLE TO JOIN YOUR TEAM AS YOU CAN. YOUR GOAL IS TO MAKE THE LONGEST BUG.


  1. Choose a bug name.
  2. Communicate who draws the head bit, who draws the end bit, and the rest of the team can draw the middle bits. Don’t share any other information.
  3. Email me a photo of your drawings by 8:14pm Tuesday April 18, 2017. Include your team name and the names of the other people you’re drawing with. Repeating this info in every email is very, very, very helpful. I’ll assemble and post all the drawings by next Thursday.

Email your drawings to:



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