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Nikki Barber – Printmaking In Northern Thailand

By May 9, 2017Uncategorized

The League is venturing into print arts!

We asked Brian Lane of Print Zero Studios who was the most funnest, least stuffy printmaking instructor around, and he said “Nikki Barber is hilarious.” We met and hired Nikki straight off the plane from Thailand, where she had traveled to broaden her studies of printmaking, and yes, we confirm it, she is very fun. At the League this summer, Nikki will be teaching woodcuts, collagraphs, and “intro to everything” printmaking. Links and invitations coming soon. 

This Wednesday evening, Nikki is giving a talk on Thai printarts, in association with Seattle Print Arts, and Pratt Fine Arts Center. (Info below)


Seattle Print Arts presents:

Printmaking in Northern Thailand

A talk with Nikki Barber (Seattle) and Nicholas Luna (Thailand)

Wed. May 10th, 7pm @ Pratt Fine Arts – Print / Drawing Studio

The Thai art scene is increasing its global presence. The advanced technical skills of Thai artists, including printmakers, are getting international recognition as more and more “farang” or foreigners visit the country.

Together, Nick Luna (Thailand) and Nikki Barber (Seattle) will help reveal what the printmaking scene is like in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They will explain why the Land of Smiles earned its nickname and what it is like to visit and live in this beautiful country– outside the tourist district. They will also have some of the works on paper from local Chiang Mai artists, as well as prints they were able to create in Thai Studios available for viewing.

Nikki had the opportunity to spend one month as a studio-based artist in residence at Rajamangala University in Chiang Mai. There, she was able to interact directly with students, faculty, and Thai artists; and compare and contrast differences between Seattle and Chiang Mai. Being in the print shop everyday, she was also able to learn first-hand the technical differences and similarities in printmaking. Nick, a westerner who has resided in Thailand for the past seven years, works at the Unversity of Rajamangala where Nikki was in residence. There, Nick is able to teach and serve as a liaison between western and local Thai artists, while also creating his own art pieces.

Nikki Barber is a member of Print Zero Studios in Seattle.

Nicolas Luna is a former Seattle Resident who is doing an artist residency with Urban Artworks, Print Zero, and Teresa Getty.

This event is FREE. There is also FREE PARKING.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.


Pratt Fine Arts – Printmaking / Drawing Studio
1902 South Main St. Seattle 98144

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