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Dear Ruthie,

Uh, there will be vulgar language and sexxxy images in WTF Resist! I mean, even more vulgar language than usual from me. It’s all in the name of art! But I thought you should know. Let me know if you have guidelines beyond what common sensitivity dictates.


Dear Suzanne,

Ok I’ll warn peoples. Got anything I can send out for a post?


Dear Ruthie,

I’ve attached a few beauties by Hans Haacke, who is a personal favorite but won’t get much, if any time. Sorry, righteous old white dude. He will be in the For Further Reading/Looking handout.

If you want something that I will actually discuss, I’ve attached a photo of the Art Workers Coalition protest in front of Guernica during the Vietnam War.

David Wojnarowicz, who has become my personal hero, also has some solid quotes:

Bottom line, each and every gesture carries a reverberation that is meaningful in its diversity; bottom line, we have to find our own forms of gesture and communication. You can never depend on the mass media to reflect us or our needs or our states of mind; bottom line, with enough gestures we can deafen the satellites and lift the curtains surrounding the control room. – Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration

Also from Close to the Knives:
I want to throw up because we’re supposed to quietly and politely make house in this killing machine called America and pay taxes to support our own slow murder and I’m amazed we’re not running amok in the streets.

To the barricades!

Hugs and kisses,

Sunday – Don’t Miss This!

WTF Art History Series:


Suzanne Walker

This Sunday, June 4

$20 (Free to active Leaguers)

“This is going to be awesome”
-Suzanne Walker

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