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William Scott’s Sketches

By May 31, 2017Uncategorized

Sketches in Charcoal Continued from Yesterday….

William Scott

William Scott (1913 – 1989) British artist, known for still-life and abstract painting. He is the most internationally celebrated of 20th-century Ulster painters. (wikipedia)

From Yesterday: Inspired by my recent trip to see the Diebenkorn/Matisse exhibit, I chose these drawings specifically to share how vine charcoal can be used in a drawing to talk about change, movement and time.

Vine charcoal is a lovely medium. One of the oldest drawing mediums, vine charcoal is just a simple burnt branch, typically grape vine or willow, that has been burnt in a kiln without air. Resistant to detail work, it concentrates the drawing practice on line and mass shapes only. It allows the artist to make a line, smudge it out, and make another. The dark lyrical lines and soft smokey areas of grey are surprisingly elegant on paper. As the model moves, or as the drawing is adjusted, the series of smudges and lines can add both depth and creation narrative – the recorded story of how the drawing was made.

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