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Rodin sculptures you haven’t seen

By June 21, 2017Uncategorized

Auguste Rodin

November 12, 1840 – November 17, 1917

I’m hoping you haven’t seen these before

We’ve all seen The Thinker so many times we can’t see it at all. And various versions of The Kiss may have lost their charge as well. Perhaps some others come to mind when you think of Rodin, but below are some Rodin sculptures you may not have seen before. I hope you get to see something new.


I love these

For me personally, these works are ecstatic perfection. Emotionally, Rodin’s sculptures are intuitive, sensual, physically intelligent, and best of all, they’re incredibly oh-my-god sexy. To me, the sexiest sculptures in the world were made by Rodin. Technically, I thank him for the divine proportions, but imperfect forms. Sometimes the surface of an arm is skin, sometimes the surface of an arm is the stuff it’s made of, sometimes that arm isn’t there at all. The honesty of materials is something that has always resonated with me. And the “unfinished” roughness, the parts left out, they allow me to be more intimately involved as a viewer. Without strain, just by my liquid gaze, I join the moment of it’s creation.


I’m dumbfounded

Why, why, why, WHY would anyone want to paint (and why would anyone want to buy) a landscape when there is this human form. I can not fathom.


Telegraph: “Rodin was in the habit of surrounding himself with naked models. Earlier in his career, he had encouraged models to move freely around his studio, which is how the extraordinarily uninhibited poses for sculptures such as Crouching Woman and Iris had come about.”

Below: The Eternal Idol

Notice how moving around the sculpture reveals more about the narrative. Each angle gives us more information about the interaction of the couple. For me, each view slightly contradicted an assumption I had made about the dynamics. This, for me, is gorgeous.

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