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Fierce Women of Art – Corita Kent

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Fierce Women of Art

In the same breath that I will say “please don’t ever refer to my gender before you refer to my work” I will share this list of lady artists, because … sometimes you have to be a big pill when society is sick.
Huff, sigh, shuffle, and growl. Go get ’em girls.

Sister Corita Kent stands in front of her work, including ‘for eleanor,’ at Immaculate Heart College in 1964.

Corita Kent

Corita Kent, born Frances Elizabeth Kent and also known as Sister Mary Corita Kent, was an American Roman Catholic nun, artist, and educator.

From Harvard Magazine:

CORITA KENT was a Catholic nun who went straight from high school into a convent in 1936, and then, improbably, became a Pop artist in the 1960s. She taught art at Immaculate Heart College, which was run by her order, the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Angeles, often taking her students to local galleries and museums. “In 1962,” says art historian Susan Dackerman, “at the nearby Ferus Gallery, a then practically unknown artist named Andy Warhol showed his soup-can paintings for the first time, and Kent saw them.”

Warhol’s work, Kent said later, changed the way she saw everything. In 1964, she created a screenprint in response to Warhol’s soup cans titled, after a Del Monte Foods slogan, the juiciest tomato of all. This print, graphically powerful even from a distance, includes in a cursive hand too small to read from afar the provocative phrase, “Mary mother is the juiciest tomato of all.”

Below is a link to an NPR story on Kent from 2015. It’s good. It’s only 5 minutes. Please click and listen.

“She was directing people,” Carrera says. “And rather than just standing back and being like, ‘This is what’s going wrong, and I’m just showing you guys because I’m so cool and I’m not going to be part of it,’ she was really asking people to engage. And I think that that is a more popular message today than it was 20 or 30 years ago.”

Hear it on NPR
Fierce Women of Art | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios (8 minutes)

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