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Humor in Art: Raymond Pettibon

By July 11, 2017Uncategorized

Raymond Pettibon

Wiki: Raymond Pettibon (born Raymond Ginn; June 16, 1957) is an American artist who lives and works in New York City. Pettibon came to prominence in the early 1980s in the southern California punk rock scene, creating posters and album art mainly for groups on SST Records, owned and operated by his brother, Greg Ginn. He has since gone on to international acclaim, earning several awards and exhibiting in major galleries and museums.

Keywords: Sardonic, prolific, punk, 80’s, ‘zine.

My work is more driven by the creative word. It’s immersed in other writing and printed work, rather than drawn so much from life or past experience.” – Pettibon
I’m not God, but I’m working within my own means as an artist and a person, and I possibly have more power than God does, in whatever form he has, if he exists, because I can work without the overarching ambition of wanting to rule over everything. I can work just for the heck of it.” – Pettibon
“I really don’t see any influence of my work on any artists. But I do think I’ve had an influence on drawings’ being shown. I’ve had an influence on the economics of it.” – Pettibon
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