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October 2017

Rembrandt’s Etching Process

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Rembrandt’s Etching Process

You can etch with or without acid. In drypoint printmaking, images are etched onto a plate dry – without acid – so the tools directly unsmoothify the copper plate so it can be inked, and printed onto paper in an un-wet humorless non-boozy sort of way. With other etching processes, the plate is protected by a thin layer of wax, and scratching at the plate removes the wax in lines or soft areas. An acid bath (spa day!) eats into the plate in areas that have been exposed, producing textures where the ink will hold, and then be released when pressed into the paper. It is a patient, quiet, and lovely process.

Don’t think etching is only for perfectionists. Another way of etching a copper plate is to skid it across a dirty linoleum floor. Lovely lines. No, that doesn’t count as a linoleum print.

October Creative Challenge

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October Creative Challenge

The last 30 day creative challenge was so delightful, I thought it might be time to do another. Today I launch the October Creative Challenge!


You can challenge yourself to do all 30 challenges, 5 a week, or whatever floats your boat. I know sitting down to make even the silliest of doodles can be a big deal for a busy brain, so use this challenge as an excuse to make something whenever you’re able. Short on time? Set a timer for 15 minutes. Try it. You’ll feel better, or your money back. (It’s free.)


If you want to receive the daily creative prompts, make sure you’re on the daily-ish V. Notes email list. If you’re not sure you’re on this list, or if you don’t get an email tomorrow at 7:00am,  click here to register.

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October Creative Challenge – Day 1

Finish the Tuttle

The drawing above is a finished work by Richard Tuttle. Isn’t it cute? For this challenge, pretend you are sitting at a table with Mr. Tuttle, and he has just handed you this drawing, requesting that you finish his unfinished idea. You can redraw it, print it out, rotate the paper, but please don’t change the placement of his marks on the page. He put them where he meant to. Feel free to use any media, not just drawing. He is known to use string….


Please please oh please share your drawings on the inkerwebs. We’re on Facebook. If you tag us I’ll get to see them too. #seattleartistleague #inktober


Hate all the techno fuss? Good for you. You can email me directly, or bring your creative challenges to class. I’ll be collecting images to share.

Join the October Creative Challenge (V.Notes) by clicking the link below:

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