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William Kentridge Prints

By November 30, 2017Uncategorized

I prefer a perfect sheet of Rives BFK, baptized in a bath of holy water and dabbed by angels wings, printed with hesitant optimism and an aneurysm when an imperfection emerges, but William Kentridge, he throws it down. That man can work the paper. Torn pieces, inked, and carefully arranged. Look how thoughtful he is with his whimsy. Have you ever heard an artwork mutter? Listen.

Above: William Kentridge, The Full Stop Swallows The Sentence (2012) Hand-printed lithograph (listed also as linocut). Image courtesy Greg Kucera Gallery – http://www.gregkucera.com/past.htm

Below: William Kentridge, Undo, Unsay and Universal Archive

More of Kentridge’s Linocuts from 2012 (photo courtesy David Krut)


William Kentridge, Nine Trees, 2012 (Linocut printed on pages from Shorter Oxford English Dictionary)

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