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The Good Samaritan

By December 26, 2017Uncategorized

A Very Good Idea

What if you had a Very Good Idea for a painting that you just couldn’t quite get enough of? What if, miracle of miracles, you had a Very Good Idea and you actually painted it. And what if you didn’t quite get what you were hoping from this attempt. Would you do a second? What if you didn’t quite like that one either? How about a third? And then would you paint a fourth? How about a fifth?

Between 1591 and 1623, Domenico Fetti painted (at least) five “Parable of the Good Samaritan” artworks. (Note: the Met attributes the first of these Domenico Fetti paintings to the year 1591, 2 years after Fetti’s birth, so the dates are a bit slippity boo.)

And then Delacroix had the Very Good Idea to paint Domenico Fetti’s Very Good Idea again in 1849.

And then┬áVan Gogh had the Very Good Idea to paint Delacroix’s idea again in 1890.

Just for fun, I’ve flipped Delacroix’s painting and put it with Van Gogh’s. Isn’t that interesting?

What do you think? Is a Good Idea worth repeating? What are your personal requirements for copies? How far will you go?

And please tell us: What is a painting by another artist that you would like to paint again?

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  • mimi says:

    I found a photo of an office party from the 1920s. they’d just had a white elephant exchange. there was one woman, who didn’t really look like she was having a good time. I was captivated by her face and have painted her at least 10 times. I can’t think of a painting from another artist that I would like to paint again.

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