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SAL Challenges: How are they different from daily drawings?

By January 7, 2018Uncategorized

Quilled brain (above) by Sarah Yakawonis

You might have noticed that these daily challenges are a little different than other daily challenges. First of all, for most of the projects you can use any materials you want, not just drawing materials. You can sew, build, paint, print, draw, collage, or anything else that strikes your fancy. More importantly, these aren’t drawing challenges.

Sal Challenges are skill building games specifically designed to stimulate a wide variety of creative skills.

For example, if one day’s challenge is observational drawing, the next could be composition, then memory, humor, expression, meditation, math, narrative, fantasy, or collaboration. This isn’t a definitive list of artistic skills, but I do try to give a wide variety of creative exercises to reflect our wide variety of abilities.  Some of you might hate day two but love day three, others will be totally overwhelmed until day seven, but all of us who are participating each day will get a little bit better at everything.

If you find one challenge is easier than another, try to figure out what kind of creative muscle it’s exercising, and consider pushing through instead of skipping it. You could say that math projects are not your style, but style is based on limitations, and this game is specifically designed to reduce our limitations, 15 minutes at a time.

What do you say? Ready to give it another try?

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