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SAL Challenge Day 18: Evolution of a Tree, Part 2 of 3

By January 18, 2018Uncategorized

Piet Mondrian, 1912

Yesterday’s challenge was to draw a tree from observation. That was part 1 of 3. Today is part 2 of 3. Today we’ll do the same, only different. Look again at the tree. If you did a drawing, study your drawing. Look at the branches, how they intersect, and the direction of their marks. Which direction do the needles point? Are they in clumps or separated? What is the general flow of branches? Now turn your attention to the spaces between the branches. Find a pattern of spaces and angles. Edit out some of the natural tree, and hone in on balancing the pattern of the spaces and with the pattern of the branches. Simplify so that you can emphasize and exaggerate this underlying rhythm.  Add your artwork to this post on our Facebook page. (#salchallenge)

The January Creative Challenge: 15 minutes, once a day, for 30 days.

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