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SAL Challenge Day 22: Window Collages

By January 22, 2018Uncategorized

Window Collage by Stuart Shils

This creative challenge has 3 parts, but if parts 2 and 3 don’t work with the light and where you are, or if they’re just not working creatively, feel free to just do part 1, and post your work. See below for a link to examples by Stuart Shils.

PART 1: Find a window that allows a path of light into the room, or use a car window. Add various sizes and shapes and colors of tape and paper to the window, to form a collage. Play with opaque and transparent pieces, and overlapping layers. Take a photograph, and crop for composition.

PART 2: If the light is strong enough, your collage might also make shadows on a wall or surface inside the room.  Take a picture of the shadows, and crop for composition.

PART 3: Respond to the cast shadows by adding tape and paper to where the shadows land on the wall, in a way that interacts and forms an interesting composition. Take a photograph, and crop for composition.

For examples of window collages by Stuart Shils, click here.

Share your photographs to this post on our Facebook page. (#salchallenge)

The January Creative Challenge: 15 minutes, once a day, for 30 days.

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