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What would you like to see in V. Notes?

By January 28, 2018Uncategorized

We are almost at the end of this 30 day challenge, so I’ll be coming up with fresh topics to post. Our mailing list has grown by several hundreds of people this month, and I’d like to hear from subscribers. Why did you sign up for V. Notes, and what kinds of posts would you like to see in your inbox?

  1. Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking techniques
  2. Spotlight on artists and artworks
  3. More regular creative challenges
  4. All of the above
  5. Something else:  _____________________

Please post your thoughts here, in the comments section of this post on our website. Thank you for your feedback!

-Ruthie V.


  • mimi says:

    i love your creative challenges. i will participate in every one I can.
    I also love how you pull up a few old paintings and say; see how they compare? did you know they did that? To me, these are often very exciting discoveries.
    oh. i choose “All of the above”

  • Patricia Layden says:

    Enjoy the challenges, and can use all the drawing and painting techniques you can offer 😉

    • Ruthie V says:

      Thanks Patricia. I love putting together challenges that get your creative juices flowing, and techniques are fascinating too. I’ll keep it coming!

  • Meegan says:

    Ruthie…you are doing a smashing good job, and I choose “all of the above”, as well. I am belatedly paying attention to the creative challenges, and look forward to much more. I love the eclectic nature of artists and processes that you highlight. Looking forward to all the more that you uncover and share….

  • Sandy Nesbitt says:

    I came late to the creative challenge so I would like to see more daily creative challenges!
    I also like to see creative spaces. Where do people create? How do they organize their supplies? What colors are on their palette?


  • barbara says:

    all of the above 🙂

  • Shari Heege says:

    I, too, agree with all of the above. I get so many messages in my box that I don’t want to read. I always scroll through to look for yours! It’s a bright flower in a field of to-do’s & the-world-is-falling-apart weeds. Who knew how many people paint butter? I’m delighted and inspired by that kind of stuff. And I love the idea of seeing creative spaces. I’m also curious to learn about the daily practices of artists. How do they do arrange their days? Are they impulsive & sporadic, or disciplined & consistent? Is it their full time gig, or something on the side?

    • Ruthie V says:

      Thank you Shari. I’m pleased to know my posts are a bright flower in a field of weeds. As for your request of how artists arrange their days, I was very curious about this myself, and thoroughly enjoyed the book “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” by Mason Currey. It features famous artists, musicians, and creative scientist/inventors through history, giving detailed accounts of what they ate, what they wore, and how they structured their time. Fascinating to hear the range of differences, and the repeated similarities. Also notable was how many cups of coffee or pills some took to keep their minds on task.

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