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SAL Challenge Day 29: Narrative

By January 29, 2018Uncategorized

I learned from the fabulous Suzanne Walker that this narrative painting “The Story of Joseph” by Biagio d’Antonio uses space as a representative for chronological time. The painting illustrates a story that follows a sequence clockwise around an ellipse, starting at the upper left. The scenes that happened farther back in time are shown as farther away (and higher and smaller) in the background, and the scenes that happened more recently are closer (and lower and larger) in the foreground. Characters repeat from scene to scene.

Today, draw/paint/print/collage a narrative, in which individual scenes follow an elliptical “C” or “S” shaped curve, with the first events farther away (and higher and smaller), and the next events following a curve to get closer (and lower and larger) on the page. Share your drawings to this post on our Facebook page. (#salchallenge)

The January Creative Challenge: 15 minutes, once a day, for 30 days.

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