You ever had the desire to jump out of an airplane? I’d be such a chicken, but I’d do it. Wanna do it?”  –Ruthie V.

What happens when the owner of City Catering, who specializes in fun and friendly hospitality, takes a sudden left turn and becomes a painter? What happens when this business owner connects with a teaching artist with a passion for creative community? The result is an all-inclusive art school where people jump into their dreams of becoming active and connected artists, and they thrive. 

The League was started by two friends – Ruthie V. and Lendy Hensley – who met as teacher and student. The conversations that started in class expanded into museum trips, connections to other painters, and an ever-changing river of shared inspirations. Through art, a friendship grew. The two artists wagered they were not alone, and that there were other people like them – people who would enjoy learning about art within a supportive community of peers.

In early 2016, the two friends founded an art school called Seattle Artist League. The League is a place where people come first. Every class is an opportunity for connection, and a place where personal goals for creativity and skill are nurtured. Good ideas come from collaboration, and the League has sparked a dynamic community of active and engaged artists. From people with long lost art degrees, to tech geeks looking to balance their skills, to people who would like some quality “me-time”, the League is an art school for people like you. JOIN US!